reach microsoft sellers using ocp gtm catalog

If you would like to make your products and services available through Microsoft and the Microsoft partner ecosystem in the UK, EMEA, and globally, a good place to start is to publish a brief profile of your firm, your products, and selected customer stories, on the Microsoft One Commercial partner GTM catalog.  This is an internal system available to Microsoft and partners.  You can also extend reach to the general market by publishing on AppSource.


Microsoft One Commercial partner

The Microsoft One Commercial partner organization makes it easier for your firm to interface to a single source and then find your way around the Microsoft ecosystem of staff and partners.  It has three distinct pillars, and for you to leverage access to your markets, you need to plug into the Go To Market (GTM) pillar as a minimum.


OCP organization chart


Position your company and products effectively in GTM

To get good traction, Microsoft recommends you should produce various pieces of collateral and upload them to the OCP GTM Catalog.

To make them informative and easy to find, we have some reusable templates to help you, including a Customer-Presentation-Template, a Customer-Case-Study-Template, and a Customer-One-Pager-Template.

Each template has best practice tips to make it easy for you to quickly build a quality story and the guidance may help you improve the positioning of your solution.  Each slide contains a placeholder text that explains how to make your pitch. To the right of each slide, you will also see a text box that provides additional guidance relevant to that slide (you may need to view the slides at 80% to see these notes to the right).

The collateral should be aimed at potential new customers or partners and explain the value your company and Microsoft bring together when deploying a joint solution. They should be able to stand on its own without additional context.

Once uploaded to OCP GTM Catalog, it may be used by Microsoft sellers to better understand your solution and value proposition, and to pitch your solution to their customers – and so become your virtual sales force.

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Today’s rich dialogue with Michael Wignall, Microsoft’s UK CTO, at the IAMCP UK Round Table, stimulated technical, business, social and ethical insights, especially in context to the rapid changing world of Artificial Intelligence. It terms of value, it was simply 10 / 10.

Freddie McMahon, Df2020

Thank you to the IAMCP UK team, Elena Baeva and Microsoft UK CTO Michael Wignall for an excellent round table at Microsoft TVP today. Having this kind of executive CTO insight helped myself and the other partners today in aligning ourselves with Microsoft. I highly recommend joining the IAMCP for other Microsoft partners.

James Clifford, Client and Relationships Executive, Nero Blanco IT

Really enjoyed the two IAMCP UK events I’ve attended so far. The information shared and discussed has provided valuable insights that I’ve been able to share with my co-founder and apply in our business

Taran Sohal, Director, Cloud2

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Nicola Hannay, Head of Marketing, HSO

IAMCP brings together the most talented people in the Microsoft technology industry, it’s the best way to keep up to date with the latest and greatest developments first hand and extend your network and partnership opportunity!

Managing Director, ResourceiT Consulting Ltd