IAMCP Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity is a state worth achieving. Inclusion is an activity worth pursuing with conviction and consistency. By eliminating unconscious bias, organisations achieve self-awareness in their people and bring diversity goals within reach”
The Value of Difference, Binna Kandola

Our Vision

The arguments in favour of diversity & inclusion are powerful. The most obvious is that diversity is simply a fact about the modern world - Companies that ignore this may starve themselves of talent, as well as be out of touch with their customers.

Aligned to Microsoft, IAMCP UK supports maximising the contribution of every individual to promote an inclusive work environment to allow Partners to continue to innovate and be competitive in the market.

Our Mission

  • To create a joint IAMCP UK/Microsoft UK partner-led Diversity & Inclusion programme that provides the resources and tools required to help partners build and sustain more diverse, inclusive and ultimately more profitable businesses.
  • To build a global Diversity & Inclusion Community for Microsoft Partners
  • Furthering the objectives of IAMCP UK and supporting successful P2P business leveraging the thinking of diverse groups for smarter ideation and collaboration.

Understanding the value of difference

What is Diversity? 
  1. Attitude, behaviour and outcomes
  2. How relationships are enacted
  3. How we perform in everyday situations based on how we think – and how we think about how we think
  4. Diversity is a process not a structure – once we can appreciate this, we can begin to make change

Diversity plays a key role in:

  1. Gaining competitive edge – maximising value and productivity in the talent pool
  2. Wellbeing – supporting the health and happiness of “our” people
  3. Cohesion – reducing conflict
  4. Service – understanding the needs of an organisation
What is Inclusion?
  1. The term inclusion is a more active word – conveys a sense of managed change and continuous effort to maintain diversity
  2. Inclusion is a principle that relies on “Champions”
  3. Inclusion is reliant on the interest and energy of leaders

Next Steps

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