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The UK Microsoft Partner Exec Summit was a big success, with presentations from James Chadwick, General Manager for Commercial Partner in the UK and others from the UK Executive Leadership team including Clare Barclay, UK CEO and Gavin Jackson, Enterprise Commercial Lead – UK. They covered a range of topics including new research that builds on the Creating a blueprint for UK competitiveness report  which explained how the Microsoft Partner Network is instrumental  in driving business impact.

Zoë England, IAMCP UK P2P lead ran a breakout session with one of our newest members, Robert Pope, and Steve Sydee the IAMCP UK Membership lead.  It was a taster session of how P2P can really accelerate your business growth, how to do it well, and what tools IAMCP offers to help you get it right, first time.

You can see the half hour session on demand here.


If you want to know more, we’ve two great sessions coming up in Feb:

The first is Weds 24th Feb – P2P BEST PRACTICE AND HOW TO MAKE IT WORK.  This is a walk through “the why” and to give you ideas of how you can pivot to drive your own successful, structured P2P relationships. Register here.  Followed by…….

The second is on Friday 26th Feb – IAMCP MASTERCLASS – SUPERIOR P2P USING IAMCP.ORG TOOLS.  This is “the how” – going through the IAMCP tools that will really help you in this area.  It will be a fun, high energy session that will be well worth your time. Register here

P2P really works – find out with IAMCP how to make it work for you.