Being Bold for the Future

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When I first found out about Harvest for Humanity it truly touched my heart. I was at a Microsoft Partner Advisory Council meeting for Microsoft Inspire and I listened to the story of my dear friend Gail Mercer-Mackay. Gail had visited Haiti and got involved with the charity and ever since it has gone from strength to strength. Harvest for Humanity were the charity of choice at the 2017 Microsoft Inspire IAMCP WIT Luncheon and funds were raised by IAMCP WIT & Microsoft to improve the future of the young Haitian women. Take a look at this short video to understand more about this amazing country and the people we want to help.

In 2018 it went a step further the Harvest for Humanity team has identified deserving women in Haiti to receive the first ever Women In Technology Educational Scholarships. These donations provide them with the opportunity to reach their dreams.

GhaelleGhaëlle’s story is one that touches your heart in the deepest way. As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain of not being able to feed my children: a situation that Haitian women all too frequently find themselves in. Ghaëlle’s selfless focus on making the world a better place for her own mother, who is also faced with that reality, is inspirational. Ghaëlle has this passion to make a difference both to her family and beyond. We kicked off Ghaëlle’s story at the first Women in Technology luncheon at the Summit EMEA event in Dublin in April. The Women in Dynamics community supported me to talk about Harvest for Humanity and in particular Ghaëlle. As a young woman at the start of her life, Ghaëlle already truly lives and breathes the BE BOLD theme for that lunch and I felt honoured to share her story with the amazing women in attendance that day. Ghaëlle is indeed bold in how she approaches challenges and hardships, and acts not just for herself — but already, at such a young age, for others.

It was natural to choose someone like Ghaëlle for IAMCP WIT to support because she is exactly the sort of young woman we set out to help: someone with a clear goal and the drive to attain it. So I am calling on IAMCP UK to help us raise funds for Ghaëlle and give her the bold future she so richly deserves.

Help her achieve her goals- please visit her GoFundMe Page and donate as much as you can!