IAMCP UK Exclusive Dinner with Scott Dodds: ‘What’s in a Name?’

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As the Microsoft ecosystem has evolved and matured in the Cloud Services era, the labels used to describe our businesses and the services and solutions we offer have not. At last count (by no means all of them), we listed over 15 potential labels for a Microsoft partner type and by adding additional descriptors for Gold & Silver competencies, industry verticals and the new PDU focus areas, the number becomes hundreds!

This is all a bit trivial I hear you shout! The labels are irrelevant if you are confident in your own skills and services.

Well maybe, but consider that the box that Microsoft puts you in is a very big determining factor in the support, engagement and funding you may receive. The phrase that you hear the partner community being asked a lot is ‘What do you want to be famous for within Microsoft?’  Answering this can be difficult depending on which labels you are given. Interestingly, there may be little correlation between your Microsoft partner label and the way you position your company to your customers. Food for thought.

Join us for an interesting debate and a way of directly influencing the Microsoft view of the evolving partner world.

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When: 16th February
From 6.30PM

Where: Tuttons
11/12 Russell Street
Covent Garden WC2B 5HZ
United Kingdom

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