Microsoft Inspire 2018 #IAMCPWIT Lunch #AgentsofChange

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Our fantastic #IAMCPWIT Inspire lunch on Tuesday 17th July brings you two hours packed with insights, passion, drive and inspiration to drive change for yourself and those around you. 

With an agenda that will blow your socks off the luncheon this year promises to be the best EVER!  We have something for everyone including a chat-show with Microsoft Executives, an empowering story of partner transformation, insights from the young WIT community, the heart-soaring impact we’ve made for charity Harvest for Humanity, an incredible update on everything #IAMCPWIT is doing all over the world, AND a great opportunity for networking with partners and Microsoft. 

There’s no doubt you’ll leave this years’ luncheon bursting with inspiration and new connections to explore.

From humble beginnings just 7 years ago with less than 50 people, the luncheon has gone from strength to strength and this year will host around 700 hundred Microsoft Inspire attendees.  In fact, the #IAMCPWIT lunch is the largest partner-led event at Inspire.  If you have never been before you will be amazed at the power and energy in the room.  If you haven’t already done so, register quickly as the seats are going fast.

We are thrilled and excited to be joined by the fabulous Gavriella Schuster, Julia White and Kathleen Hogan, who are all inspirational #AgentsofChange at Microsoft.  These empowering and driven women are striving for change every minute of every day – and the decisions they are taking and impact they are making are affecting real transformation in our channel, all over the world.  Come and hear what they think about diversity, transformation, driving change and why it matters so much to all of our businesses right now and for the future.  Hosted by #IAMCPWIT leaders Christine Bongard and Julie Simpson, Gavriella, Julia and Kathleen will share their thoughts and ideas in a relaxed, informal chat-show style interview.

You’ll also hear first-hand from the fabulous Kate Wood, Culture Director for Microsoft UK partner Chess Telecom, how Chess grabbed is business by the scruff of the neck to drive change both internally and externally, resulting in astronomical business growth and being voted by its thousand employees as the 2018 Sunday Times Best Company to Work for.

Our young WIT representative this year is the Head of Digital Marketing at global Microsoft-partner agency ResourceiT, Tory Simpson.  Tory will share her journey from college to work, why she switched careers from Hospitality to Tech and how passionately she feels about the value young people can add in todays’ world of digital transformation.

Attendees of this amazing lunch will also hear from expert Storyteller and original founder-member of the WIT community Gail Mercer-MacKay as she articulates the progress she has pioneered with #IAMCPWIT and Microsoft for the incredible charity Harvest for Humanity.  Gail will showcase the 1-day conference for around 100 Haitian women to educate and inspire them to gain new job skills through computer-based education.  She’ll show how we have worked together as a community to raise tuition funds for high-potential Haitian young women and men to attend university and provide an update on the progress made towards building a much needed new computer lab to enable online learning.

And finally (as if that wasn’t enough)… one of the greatest things you can do in life is make a difference.  A difference that means something.  Something to you, to your colleagues, your teams, your customers – and sometimes a difference to people that don’t even know you!  Here at #IAMCPWIT we are working together as a community to make a difference.  Our passion and commitment to support and drive the diversity agenda throughout the tech industry has resulted in an abundance of new WIT communities bursting up all over the world.  We have busted through red-tape, smashed myths, driven change and empowered hundreds and hundreds of people to surge forwards and realise their goals and ambitions.  Come and hear from Christine Bongard and Julie Simpson why they believe in #IAMCPWIT, what the community has achieved and their hopes for the future.

Of course, all of this would not be possible without our amazing #IAMCPWIT Microsoft Inspire 2018 Charity Luncheon Sponsors, so a HUGE #IAMCPWIT thank you to our event sponsors Jabra, Simplicity, Nintex, ResourceiT Consulting Ltd, Mercer-Mackay Digital Storytelling, LiveTiles and NetApp

So if you haven’t already done it, register now for the #IAMCPWIT Microsoft Inspire 2018 Charity Luncheon and join us as #AgentsofChange – see you in Vegas!