It’s that time again, our official call for 2018 WIT@Inspire sponsors!

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Kayla Spiess, IAMCP Women in Technology Sponsorship Lead

Join us to support our efforts as #agentsofchange

It’s that time again! The IAMCP WIT Team is gearing up for another exciting Inspire. In keeping with the dazzling bright lights and always on vibe of Las Vegas, our team is in lock step with this spirit and has built out an incredible program that we can’t wait to share with you. With this programming and our aspirations to make 2018 our best yet, we are actively looking for sponsors.

Broadly speaking, we’ve put together a sponsor prospectus that really has something for everyone. High level opportunities include the ever impressive WIT Luncheon which is certainly something you want to be part of, the mentoring circles, our SWAG sponsor or sponsors, that are looking to have long-term brand recognition as we’ve chosen to go with canvas totes to store all your conference and post conference items of your choice in. Please take a look at what we are offering and reach out. See something your organization might be interested in but want to discuss? We want to hear from you-

I am thrilled to announce that we have already secured our very first Luncheon sponsor, Jabra,  and we’ve also sold the exclusive happy hour as well to Insight/ Blue Metal. We are over the moon #WITRocks! #agentsofchange

To highlight some of the tremendous feedback from our 2017 sponsors, here are some of their post-show impressions


Hanu – “Being part of the luncheon was an honor- I was sitting at my table, entirely captivated by the event, the energy, the moving and passionate speakers- wow the speakers! Being a man in the room, I was exposed to the day to day challenges that women are facing across various stages in their careers and how they have continually conquered anything that came their ways- I picked up so much- I know being exposed to this type of content only makes me stronger in my day to day”

Happy Hour:

Robert Half- “Not only was the overall turn out great but also the energy of the attendees- there was an excitement in the air- which was a huge breath of fresh air! -Everyone wanted to be there and it really showed - We could not have been more thrilled to the Happy Hour Sponsor- this was certainly the right move for us- can’t wait to explore 2018.

Take a look at the IAMCP WIT Sponsorship Options Want to get involved? Get in touch now!