And that’s a Wrap for this year- Hat’s off to our Incredible WIT 2017 Sponsors

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Kayla Spiess, IAMCP Women in Technology Sponsorship Lead

As our IAMCP WIT at Inspire 2017 activation has come to an end for this year am compelled to share this final post to yet again thank our global community, our mighty volunteer committee and mostly our incredibly generous and passionate 2017 Sponsors!

Over the past weeks since wrapping, Christine Bongard and I have been meeting individually with each of our sponsors across the three categories: Luncheon, Happy Hour and Platinum and overall am sure Christine would agree, they have been uplifting! What we are hearing consistently from our sponsors is that they were thrilled with the caliber of the luncheon, the Happy hour, the panel, the mentor circles and the booth experience- what more can a team ask for?!

Want to be inspired?  Share in the warm and fuzzy feelings that Christine and I have been privy to ….read ON?!

Here are some of the incredible notes captured after meeting with our sponsors:


Hanu – “Being part of the luncheon was an honor- I was sitting at my table, entirely captivated by the event, the energy, the moving and passionate speakers- wow the speakers! Being a man in the room, I was exposed to the day to day challenges that women are facing across various stages in their careers and how they have continually conquered anything that came their ways- I picked up so much- I know being exposed to this type of content only makes me stronger in my day to day”

Cisco- “ The Luncheon was top notch- What I most appreciated was the diverse backgrounds of the speakers- all at different stages in their careers and with different approaches to conquering and overcoming in their respective roles” Not only was the content captivating but the charity connection with Harvest for Humanity really took the event to new heights- Bravo”

Jabra-Jabra’s involvement with WIT at Microsoft Inspire provided another platform to further our brand through meaningful conversations which will continue to grow long after the event”.

SkyKick- It was our pleasure at SkyKick to sponsor the WIT Luncheon at Inspire. We’re passionate about supporting and nurturing diversity and were excited to support WIT, who put on a great event that featured passionate, accomplished speakers, great networking and more. Hats off WIT”

Happy Hour:

Robert Half- “Not only was the overall turn out great but also the energy of the attendees- there was an excitement in the air- which was a huge breath of fresh air! -Everyone wanted to be there and it really showed - We could not have been more thrilled to the Happy Hour Sponsor- this was certainly the right move for us- can’t wait to explore 2018.

Platinum Sponsors:

Teknikos – “Impressive does not fully explain what we experienced this week being a WIT sponsor-It was truly an honor to be part of such an inspirational set of events over the week- We all went away thinking about our alignment plans for next year- bring on Vegas you can count on Teknikos”

Women in Partner – “Inspired! This collaboration certainly demands a page in the gratitude journal” Having WIT and Microsoft Women in Partner align for the week was spot on. Participating in the various WIT engagements and rolling out the first ever Women in Partner Awards at the Happy Hour honoring 4 tremendous winners was frosting on the cake” We look forward to continuing our mutual efforts throughout the year between our two organizations and can’t wait for Inspire 2018!”

Microsoft & Women in Partner

I bet you are right now reliving the whole WIT experience with me? Am I right?

To pile on- none of this would have been possible without the investment of our sponsors! If you would like to explore sponsorship for next year, I can assure you- we’ve already been brainstorming how to make everything a little bigger, a little bolder and if possible, even a little more inspiring. Don’t wait to reach out and express your interest if you want to be considered for sponsorship in 2018- the sooner we know the bigger we can go!

Join us-Get in Touch- Give.