There is nothing more indestructible than a determined woman #MSInspire #IAMCPWIT Charity Luncheon

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Sarah Gray, IAMCP Women in Technology Lunch Lead

The decision to BE BOLD is one many women face on a daily basis. Perhaps taking that next step on the career ladder or going back to work after having time away, whatever it may be, being bold is personal and by being BOLD you can absolutely achieve more. Like the sound of that? That is what the IAMCP WIT charity luncheon at Microsoft Inspire is all about this year. I am taking the BOLD move of accepting to host it. I would like you to take the BOLD move of joining us, I promise it will inspire you.

I am excited and thrilled at the prospect of hosting but make no mistake, this is also a BOLD step for me. Being part of IAMCP Women in Technology comes with it a certain sense of responsibility, we need to show our community anything is possible and to lead to way for future women to feel comfortable and accepted to do BOLD things. When life is a bit harder it makes the achievement even more rewarding.

I spoke to my daughter about what being BOLD means to her, she is a 9 year old girl with the world at her feet ready to start that exciting journey of life. She said “Being BOLD is about being brave and looking after others’. I personally couldn’t have put that better myself and that is how we have crafted the agenda for the luncheon, amazing speakers each with a BOLD story to tell about how they have made brave choices for them but also for the benefit of others. Gavriella, Toni, Abbie and Gail all have a story to tell which I am sure will ignite a passion in you to be BOLD.

So what does being BOLD mean to you? Take our online survey and share with us your thoughts on the past and present. Your views can inspire the WIT community and the future generations to come.

Register for the luncheon here

I look forward to welcoming you in Washington, let’s be BOLD together.