Women, IT and Leadership – Are You In? Join #IAMCPWIT at #MSInspire for our panel event: “The Male Perspective – Women, IT and Leadership”

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Sharan Hildebrand, IAMCP Women in Technology Panel Lead

With a 3-year successful run throughout the US, The Male Perspective panel event is making its way to Washington DC and Inspire!

Diversity in Leadership is Key!

The latest Peterson Institute study (including 21,980 firms in 91 countries) suggests that having a woman in an executive position leads to better company performance, and the more women the better. The study also points out that diversity in general leads to higher performance. A single female CEO doesn't perform better than her male counterpart when controlling for gender in the rest of the company, but a higher rate of diversity throughout the organization has an impact, the study found. This panel will share first hand accounts of inspirational stories and provide examples of women that they’ve worked with and for and identify traits and characteristics that made them great leaders.

Mentoring the Next Generation of Female Leader is Critical!

Regardless of your gender, you’re always in a position of influence when it comes to mentorship and building the next wave of female leaders. Some facts from the Million Women Mentors MWM confirm:

· One out of 4 female students report their greatest challenges in attending college are confidence, motivation, or support

· Female high school students are significantly less likely than their male counterparts to have plans to pursue a college major or career in STEM (15% vs. 44%).

· Male students are about 8 times more likely to say they plan to pursue a career in Engineering or Technology than female students

With regards to women currently in the workplace, Forbes has published:

· While more than 50% of all jobs are held by women, the number of women in IT is dropping and is now 25%

· Women between 25 and 34 are reporting increasing dissatisfaction with their tech careers. 56% leave their jobs at the highlight of their career, which is twice the quit rate for men

· Major technology companies still have less than 20% women in their workforce on average

Our panel will discuss best practices and share stories of mentorship, support and success women’s advancement in technology and what we can do provide better mentorship and help women advocate for themselves. Join us for an informative and motivating packed hour of insight, perspectives and inspirational stories that made a difference in our panelists careers.