IAMCP WIT North celebrated their first birthday discussing personal development

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Arzu Kanval, IAMCP WIT North Lead, gives us a recap on the WIT North first birthday celebration. 

We celebrated our first year anniversary last week.  And what a fabulous evening it was.

Firstly, we had an amazing line-up of speakers (Jan Davies @mindwayhypnosis and @JonathanCleaver from Sofology), some very kind sponsors (Bistro, Sofology and Spaceport) and a brilliant turn-out of some new and some old faces.

Given that January can be quite a stressful time of year for many, the theme for the evening definitely resonated with our audience; personal wellbeing and development.

Jan spoke to us about self-limiting beliefs and Jon about professional development.

What was interesting for me and what became evident with what both speakers spoke about was the responsibility of the individual to make change happen, strive for what you want to achieve and making it happen for yourself.

Here’s what our audience was talking about during the event:

The theme for the session was personal well-being & development. Both speakers had fascinating insights to share as well as tips on tackling self-limiting beliefs. It was a great opportunity to chat with some really interesting people too.
- Becky Hardman
- Brand Lead, Very Exclusive @ Shop Direct

GRIT trumps talent every time" Great talk on Personal Development by CTO of Sofology @JonathanCleaver

"Self limiting belief are the bad pennies that keep coming back... You want to get rid of them!" @mindwayhypnosis

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