The magnificent IAMCP UK and why we’re all over it…

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A few words from the newly-elected President of IAMCP UK: 

Here at the board of IAMCP UK our continued efforts to keep moving forwards, have led me, Julie Simpson, CEO of ResourceiT Consulting to be elected as the new President.

It’s certainly a wonderful moment when a team of people you respect so much, rely on so much, step out and say they want you to lead them. So to Dan Scarfe, Laura Mead, Sophie Atherton, Richard Pearson, Nicola Hannay, Sarah Gray, Arzu Kanval and Lucy Sutton, my sincere appreciation for your confidence in me to pick up the ‘challenge baton’ from Dan for the next two years. Let’s hope I can continue what Dan has started.

For anyone that doesn’t know Dan Scarfe took over as IAMCP UK President two years ago when IAMCP UK had a declining membership, struggled to get support from Microsoft UK and had a tired brand that wasn’t attracting any new partners.

Since 2014 Dan has given up his time and knowledge and worked tirelessly to re-invent IAMCP UK to great success.  With a new dedicated board and a reinvigorated relationship with Microsoft UK, our non-profit independent community of Microsoft UK partners has gone from strength to strength.

Our mission?  To deliver value to our members by becoming one of the strongest and most valuable IAMCP communities in the world.  We’re all about P2P (partner-to-partner).

With Laura Mead pulling together some incredible Executive Roundtables with senior Microsoft UK Executives such as Clare Barclay, Glenn Woolaghan, Damian Stirrett and Julie-Ann Muir we have enabled our members to have conversations with people they would struggle to connect with through other means.  Our Exclusive dinners at swanky London restaurants have enabled partners to be inspired, engaged and driven to meet with like-minded partners seeking new routes to market.

And as for our Women In Technology (WIT) group – well anyone who was at WPC in Toronto will have seen the power of diversity in full swing as we hosted the most successful WIT gathering on record, with over 450 women and men coming together to stand up and say ‘Diversity matters – I’m in’!  It was a HUGE moment for Microsoft and its partners – never to be forgotten.

IAMCP WIT is very close to my heart and continues to be the fastest growing independent community within the Microsoft partner channel, growing from 3 to 46 communities worldwide in the last three years.  Under the leadership of the exceptionally professional and inspirational Christine Bongard things can only continue.  IAMCP WIT is a force to be reckoned with.

IAMCP worldwide is also making fantastic headway.  It has more than 80 individual Chapters in over 40 countries and offers a huge opportunity for partners to link-up, meet-up and do business together.  Any business that has a strategic goal to grow and develop its P2P revenues can do so through joining IAMCP and applying its incredible Partner-to-Partner Maturity Model.

We are a voluntary community of people that believe in the power of partnering.  We attract some of the most successful partners in the world and join up to do business together.  Microsoft views us as an experienced and knowledgeable community and will share early insights on strategy and vision and invite us to join exclusive groups that many partners are not even aware of.

IAMCP International is THE community to be part of and IAMCP UK is full of energy and making things happen.  Want to springboard your Microsoft partner business to new levels?  Join us. 

Personally, I can’t wait to get stuck in.