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Women in the C-suite!

According to The New York Times, female board members are ‘good for businesses’. The US publisher recently reported on research that concluded Fortune 500 companies with most women on their board are financially outperforming those with the fewest.

For global competitiveness, organisations today simply cannot ignore the value and positive results of women in their boardrooms, a thought showing in the activity of Fortune 500 companies opting for new interaction with talent pools and recruitment marketplaces.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

Hillary Clinton

The presence of increased women board members is also gliding through the industries themselves, with a subsequent rise in women executives. There is a wealth of research* to confirm enhanced business outcomes when women and other underrepresented groups occupy meaningful and innovative roles, and that companies in the top quarter for gender diversity are 15%** more likely to have financial returns above their respective industry medians.

For small and medium businesses the challenges remain the same as in the Enterprise. We are all aware that not everyone we sell to is a white middle-aged male. Therefore, in order to remain innovative, objective and open, all companies need a variety of people contributing to their success. The most successful companies make a concerted effort to recruit a diverse workforce that can ensure services, solutions and communication is varied and balanced – giving them the highest volume of opportunities and the most creative and effective propositions.

Now more than ever, there is much to be said and shared within the IAMCP Women in Technology Community. So if you’re attending WPC then come and inspire the tech-tonic gender shift with likeminded Women from the Microsoft ecosystem, at this year’s Women in Technology Charity Luncheon ‘Achieving you Ambition.

View the agenda here.

** McKinsey