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Paving the Ambition path – Sheryl Sandberg

To prosper in a realm of technology, ambition is an ingredient that women need ingrained. To achieve in a ground-breaking space, yet one that remains male dominated, desire, passion and drive all play leading roles.

Sheryl Sandberg; Facebook COO. Billionaire. Icon, and one of the world’s most recognisable business leaders. It’s hard to envisage that this was a place to land without an arsenal of ambition behind her.

‘Until women are as ambitious as men, they’re not going to achieve as much as men.’

Sheryl Sandberg

We’re not all at the dizzying heights of Facebook COO, but why can’t we be? There’s nothing to stop where we aim. If it’s excelling in your current role, advancing in your present organisation or becoming your own boss, it’s you that’s in control. Your ambition is the key to your success. It comes in many forms – but the biggest lever is knowing what your ambition is and building a plan to make it happen.

Fortunately, ambition is something that you don’t have to realise by yourself. Success is about aspiring, but also being realistic and gradual. Knowing yourself will allow you to grow and immerse yourself in environments and people that help you flourish; environments for instance, like the IAMCP Women in Technology Community.

So be ambitious! Aim for your dream. Be like Sheryl. The technology world is changing, and there is masses of opportunity out there that could be yours.

For those who have already booked to attend the WPC Women in Technology Lunch ‘Achieving your Ambition’, we look forward to seeing you in Toronto. With a speaker list rich in tech-leading women and an agenda overflowing with ambition orientated content, you’re sure to go away motivated to reach yours.