IAMCP WIT Charity Luncheon Achieving Ambition

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WPC is upon us, and as ever IAMCP members worldwide are levitating at the prospect of business opportunity times infinity, this time to be captured in Toronto.

The IAMCP WIT community has matured into an integral focus of WPC, and as ever we’re back with a host of connected events, leveraged under our 2016 core focus, ‘Achieving Ambition’.

The IAMCP WIT Charity Luncheon is set to be a real blockbuster this time out. With a speaker list abundant with IT industry-leading women, and an agenda brimming with ambition focused content you’re sure to go away feeling inspired to accomplish – YOUR AMBITION.

Ambition is at the core of the success we strive for. Understanding yours and your plan to realise it puts you on our voyage to unlocking maximum potential, maximum outcome, maximum success. Focusing on identifying your ambitions whether they are personal or related to your working life, can help you to remove the barriers to inner fulfilment. As working women, we often manage complex and diverse tasks. Whether at home or at work, our natural desire to support others, our incredible ability to multi-task, and our natural caring and communicative nature, means we are often not putting ourselves and our needs high enough on our own agendas.

We’ll delve into managing ambition, sharing those that our tech-leading women have achieved, have not achieved, and are yet to achieve. We’ll engage with each other, share our experiences and motivate each other, as we uncover the secrets to reaching potential for us, our organisations, and our future as 21st century Women in Technology.

We anticipate over 450 guests from the 30+ countries that make WPC so wonderfully international. Come and meet like-minded Microsoft eco-system women from all pockets of the globe to discover what your next move should be, and contribute to a worthy cause in the process.

The IAMCP WIT Charity Luncheon takes place Wednesday July 13th 11:30am at WPC 2016. View the speakers, agenda and register your attendance now – places limited and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.